Click Terminal provides flexible monetization solutions for mobile & Desktop publishers around the globe.

also, Click Terminal is a leading independent Desktop & mobile ad exchange focused on powering native and video ads.


Our Story

Click Terminal, an advertising network and technology, and one of the world’s leaders in the digital media tech industry.

Our story begins with an idea to become the biggest affiliate network in little israel and from there we grown to be one of the biggest affiliate network in the world for gaming industry and for the forex industry. that came into our heads in 2013 to set the systems that help monitize  traffic both both sides (DSP&SSP).

It starts when we were a small, ambitious group of digital marketers and finance professionals who shared a common vision, enthusiastic to find the next “big thing” for Internet marketers.

In a short time, we became big with over 1,000 workers world wide.

now we decided to establish the click terminal brand in order to give our knowledge to our advertiserS and publishres Worldwide.


Meet the Team



Founder & CEO