Monetize Every Inch

Our exclusive technological solutions for publishers and digital media channels, provide you with an ideal tool to increase profits, and obtain greater value from your advertising space. With 4 billion ad impressions every day, we are able to guarantee you a 100% fill rate across all geographic regions.

From our powerful, self­service platform to our full service of media buying ­ select the option that is best for you – and start to monetize.


ClickTerminal.com Ad Exchange for publishers is an innovative programmatic solution designed for supply partners looking for ways to generate revenue through website or app advertising. Our holistic platform is tightly integrated with the largest sources of demand (DSPs), including ClickTerminal.com DSP, top-performing advertising networks and leading agency trading desks.

ClickTerminal.com Ad Exchange allows publishers and app developers to sell their inventory across all digital channels programmatically, achieving the most lucrative outcomes available. Publishers gain ultimate control over the price of each impression and choose what advertising content appears in front of their custom audience.


Finding your way through the mobile advertising minefield is a challenge. All sorts of things can prevent you from unlocking the true potential of your properties.


Your users should be more than satisfied – they should be happy. A combination of innovative, engaging programmatic creative solutions and flexible demand control options will see that they are.

1. The largest demand

Integrated with every major agency, network and DSP. It is the only ad exchange offering access to the full demand of ClickTerminal.com.

2. You are in control

Our features make it easy to control and block specific demand sources. Seamless integration with ClickTerminal.com means all your blocking rules are automatically applied.

3. All in one place

Identify revenue opportunities across channels with full access to your inventory data. See who wants your inventory and how much they are bidding.

Manage Your Ad Property

With flexible inventory settings, publishers maintain full control over pricing, blocking and ad creatives. Maximize CPMs by specifying price floors, and decide which advertising content would be displayed on your page. Protect your source by selecting advertisers that can bid on the inventory and blacklist those you wish to avoid.

Enjoy the Transparency

Get full visibility into who is interested in your inventory and how much they bid on it. We will show you every dollar that you’ve earned so you can use this data to optimize your future campaigns and drive even more sales.