Terms of use click terminal General

click terminal (hereinafter the Network) is a network of partners managed by RBS(hereinafter: the Company). The chain was established in 2013 in order to provide content to website owners and to promote business in Israel and around the world You are kindly requested to read the Terms of Use before registering for the Service in order to clarify the click terminal network procedures. For the terms of use of the site, a user is defined as a user of the site / partner / publisher. Terms of use are intended for both men and women, but for convenience only the agreement is written in masculine form. It is strictly prohibited to send email or SMS messages as a marketing method. Even if there are registration permits, email messages with the content of the partners network must not be sent to any email address, whether or not there is a registration certificate. If an email is sent to the reseller account (partner) will be deleted and all its leads will be deleted and will not be paid because the network will not charge them because they will be deleted.

special conditions

The partners for click terminal and RBS offer each new partner who joins the network as a conditional subscription grant of 100 ILS. The following are the conditions for receiving this benefit: The user must be new to the click terminal partner network The user is required to know if there is another account that he operates because this benefit applies to a person and there is a prohibition to manage a double account If the user has multiple sites and is a profitable user of the network, the network will consider its steps The Partner will also receive a 100 ils bonus at the time of registration which will be in a pending status and will be granted only after profits totaling 2,000 ils over an unlimited period of time It is strictly prohibited to send mail or sms in any campaign as a marketing method. Even if there are registration permits, email messages with the contents of the partners network must not be sent to any email or email address, whether or not there is a registration certificate. If an email is sent to the reseller account (partner) will be deleted and all its leads will be deleted and will not be paid because the network will not charge them because they will be deleted. A user who chooses not to receive promotion services will not be limited to working with competing networks but will still be eligible for a 100 ils grant and will still be able to use the marketing materials of the click terminal partner network For each new partner to be directed by an existing partner, the referring partner will receive 5% of the new partners lifetime profits at the registration stage! click terminal. the fee will be added and approved to the referring partner

User consent to terms

Registration and Use of the Services are conditioned upon the obligation of both the advertiser and the partner to comply with all the conditions contained in this agreement and the responsibility of each user registered to the site to ensure that all conditions and restrictions are violated before registration and the process of absorption.

In terms of the network completion of the registration process constitutes an unequivocal agreement to all the terms and conditions contained in this agreement including future changes to which the user will be subject and they will be brought to the attention of the site management.

Responsibility of the site operator

The click terminal network will do its best to provide the user with the best experience and will do its best to provide the user with a free experience, interruptions or breaks. The Company does not guarantee that there will be no interruptions or malfunctions but will make every effort to rectify them in a timely manner in order not to disrupt the use of the Site. In the event that there are interruptions and / or interruptions during the use of the Companys website, the user will not compensate for these malfunctions. In other words, the user waives any right of any kind to claim compensation for these malfunctions or for discontinuing service on the site for maintenance work. The company will make every effort to protect the personal information of the users of the site and operate advanced and secure systems in order to prevent the infiltration of hostile elements. However, since this is an Internet network, it is not possible to protect completely from penetration and retrieval of confidential information. The Company does not provide a guarantee that the personal information of users will be exposed to these hostile elements, but the Company can ensure that you make every effort to keep this information confidential and protected against any unauthorized party. In view of the above, the Network and the Company shall not compensate for any possible damage that may be caused to them by reason of this or for a parallel reason By using the Site or the Service, you undertake that you will refrain from carrying out the following actions intentionally, inadvertently or negligently: Misuse of the Lead Generation service Adversely affect the fee structure of a chain of direct links and harm the payment processes or commissions that reach the net for long periods of time The transfer of your account or user information in good birth to another entity without the express consent of the rightful parent; Impersonating any person or entity, or any false statement regarding your identity, employment, engagement or partnership with any person or entity; The Company shall not be liable to the users and to any user separately, in connection with the veracity of the content submitted to the site by its users, as well as with regard to the hidden and hidden goals and objectives that stand behind the content, as well as the users use of the content appearing on the site, From the use of the sites services. The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to any of the users of the Site due to violation of the terms of this Agreement by any of the users of the Site. In such a case, a user who is injured will be able to sue only those who breach the terms, and the user hereby waives any right of any kind to make claims, demands or demands against the company for breach of the terms by any of the users of the site. The Company and the Network reserve the right to delete and delete content that does not comply with the Companys terms and all shall be done at the sole discretion of the Company and the Network without prior notice to the Owner of the Offending Content. The Company also reserves the right to suspend a users account With its terms of use without such actions being held liable for any content posted on the Site by any user individually or by all users. The company is not able to monitor, filter, monitor and monitor the content posted on the users sites. Therefore, the responsibility for these contents lies with the users who placed them on the site only and it is their sole responsibility to bear any damage and to indemnify the company for any claim filed against it. The Company may modify, temporarily suspend or discontinue all or part of the Sites activity, as well as transfer the entire Site, or parts thereof, to another ownership, without notice to users. In such a case, the management of the company may transfer all of its rights or part of its rights in the site to a third party without the users having the right to appeal these decisions and without any liability to the users or any third party. The Company shall not be responsible in any way for the information contained in sites linked to the Site. In the event that these sites contain inappropriate information or harm the users of the site, the company will act at its discretion in order to correct or prevent the injury. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company reserves the right to report to the law enforcement authorities in any case in which any user violates the provisions of this law or otherwise, and shall provide third parties, if necessary, with personal information about users who have not acted in accordance with the Terms, law.

Users representations and warranties

When you sign up for the service, you will be prompted to provide certain personal and contact information. You must list only real, complete, and accurate details. False, incorrect, or out-of-date information may prevent your registration and may impair the ability of the Lead Network to provide you with the Service and to contact you. We will explicitly specify the fields that must be filled out when registering. If you do not fill out the essential information in these fields, you will not be able to sign up for the service. The partner undertakes the following agreements: Do not send material containing a virus to the site Do not deceive or deceive other users of the Lead Generation service (such as advertisers and partners) Not to deceive the tax authorities, and that if there is a dispute between the partner and the tax authorities, the network and the company are not part of this dispute and will not be involved in it The Company and the Network may terminate the Users activity without prior notice and without the Network or the Company explaining its decision and in addition the Network will be entitled to sue any user who will cause direct or indirect damage to any of the users of the Site Services in respect of breach of this Agreement. And the user will not be able to sue the network or the company for its decision to suspend the users account The user will not be able to come to the network or to the company for financial losses or damage to reputation caused by the use of the website The user will receive periodic e-mail regarding the general activity of the site and in addition to his private activity and that the user knows that he will not be able to sue the company for spam or spam sent by it unless the user requests to remove himself from this service by sending a request to the webmaster In the event that the network decides that the partner has committed an act whose purpose is fraud, the network may cancel the users account and all the payments due to it will be canceled immediately without the user having the ability to sue or threaten the demand for compensation, and the network will be entitled if the fraud is proven to sue the user for damage to the network, For the sake of the network and society The chain retains the right to suspend partners who violate the terms of use of the chain or for any other reason decided by the chain and without the obligation to give an explanation to the partner whose account has been suspended. The Affiliate Network reserves the right to prevent the payment of this amount to the Partner in respect of faulty conduct and as compensation to the network for damage to its name. If the network decides to pay the partner the pending amount, then this amount must be more than $ 500 as an approved and pending payment. If the sum is less than $ 500 and the partners account is permanently closed, then this partner will not be paid for costs incurred by the network to issue payments It is very important! A sub-marketer who works with the 4-day affiliate network and RBS and Websites can not directly contact an advertiser who promotes or promotes their products through the network three months after their last promotion on the network to this product. The marketer must understand that when he promotes a particular product in a certain quantity, he announces that he is saving a budget against the partner network for 4 days for this campaign, and if the sub-marketer chooses to bypass the partners network, he will significantly harm it both in its name and its commitment to the advertiser. In addition, the chains reputation has been damaged by such a move. And therefore if a secondary marketer turns to the company to promote it only after 90 days from the date of the last publication to this advertiser through the partner network And RBS Websites. If the dealer decides to make a 90-day call, he will not receive payment for his activity, and he will compensate the chain for three last payments. If he does not have three payments, the calculation will be based on the last payment made to a double distributor. This is because he turned and bypassed the partner network for 4 days in less than 90 days, thereby harming its name and profitability. The marketer must understand that the network has additional costs and handling it and if it chooses to bypass the network within less than 90 days it will reimburse it in the amount defined above. Also, if the network finds that the marketer (Affiliate) contact the advertiser and has pending payments they will not be paid and will be deducted from the amount of compensation that the sub-marketer should give to the affiliate network 4 days. In addition, the sub-marketer must understand that due to the 4-day affiliate network and RBS WebSites he is exposed to advertising content and the opportunity to promote a product and therefore he will be charged the amount of compensation defined above

Intellectual Property

You may not copy, distribute, publish, transmit to a third party or make any commercial or private use of the content, design or any copyright or intellectual property of any kind, found on the Site, as it belongs exclusively to the Company. The user hereby undertakes to respect the copyright and intellectual property rights of the site, its owner, its operators and the company in connection with any content, tip, article, design, application, file, software or any other material published on the site and / or related to the development and operation of the site. It is clear to the user that all of these rights belong to the Company without any reservation and that any use of them, other than as part of the uses offered by the Site, must receive prior written consent from the Company.


Website owners and advertisers will have regular access to the network reports in respect of their activities and in fact these reports will be a confirmation of the scope of the users activity on the site, but the network reserves the right to change and periodically edit the subjects presented in these reports without informing users

Payment policy

click terminal is responsible for billing its advertisers and in addition to making payment to its website owners. It should be noted that prices and amounts do not include VAT and will be added according to law. click terminal will charge its advertising until the 18th of the following month of activity and send a payment notice to the publishers who have reached the minimum payment threshold set by the chain. If a publisher is entitled to a payment, he will receive a payment notice (VAT must be added to the law unless the publisher is exempt!) The site owner is required to send by the 7th of the month following the invoice to make a payment and once the receipt of the invoice payment will be made in the current 30. If the date on the invoice or invoice will arrive after the seventh month the payment will be made on a current basis 30 plus It is the duty of each website owner to report to the tax authorities in respect of its activity in the partner network, for which the company and the network will not be partners to each party to the dispute, but it should be noted that the partner network reports to the tax authorities any payment made to the site owner. The network will receive payment from its advertisers via: check or bank transfer and pay the publishers by check, bank transfer or via PayPal The network can change the nature of the payment to any partner at any time without any explanation in advance, and the network can delay the partner payment up to 90 days without any explanation in advance and in accordance with its policy. A partner must send a valid invoice with valid account details and a valid address on the invoice. If an invoice is sent to an incorrect address, the partner will bear the $ 10 handling cost plus the cancellation cost and postage costs.


The laws of the State of Israel shall apply to any matter arising from the use of the Site, its terms, privacy policy, provisions and any matter. The jurisdiction shall be vested in the courts of the State of Israel and in accordance with the laws of the State. The local jurisdiction in any matter and dispute with regard to services on the Site shall be dedicated to the courts in Ashkelon and to them only.

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